LieLow – intimate distance


“LOOK! I am hiding, becoming an object, absurd, my legs poking out at the end of this organic air costume, I become another. I am hiding, I am hiding but I just know they are looking at me. I can hear their voices, their breath, their laughter. I can hear the surprise but I can`t see it. I am still, and they move around me, a strange shape in the passage of everyday.” (Alex Goodman)


“When wearing the costume, I felt quite ambiguous. On the one hand I could barely see my surrounding and was very uncomfortable in the costume for the lack of space, especially as some children tried to burst some of the balloons. What I did spot on the other hand was that a lot of people noticed me and got excited about the costume. Especially small boys took a fancy on it and made me feel like a kind of super-hero, a sort of “balloon-man”. Others tried to get on a photo with me or showed interest by asking questions about the meaning of the costume.” (Christian Sussner)



April 2009 Eden Projekt, Cornwall

Mai 2009 Dartington College of Arts

Juni 2009 Birdwood House Galerie, Totnes